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[ Monday, March 10, 2003 ]


....My dilema is this..
...For all my political life, I've been an odd mix of far left and center right
...the repubs have always revulsed me, largely because of their being joined at the hip with big biz.
...for years, I trusted the dems.... they always, always seemed too cluelessly middle class to be comfortable with, but democratic values regarding human rights, the environment and equality are easy for me to defend. BUT, over the years since the run up to Clinton's election, when I worked on the Jerry Brown campain,.. and later (in Vermont) on the Howard Dean campain , my trust has faded.
...I now see the democratic party as a fraud..... just like I've been seeing the RNC for years..
...I see the Democrats as nothing more than big business with different marketing. A 'package' of yarns designed to appeal to someone's image of 'the liberal voter,... a package that manages to sell itself to the public as an opposition party, but in reality has become an enabling party.... enabling the republicans to get away with whatever their masters want with no substantial opposition.
... And to make matters worse, since the Bush II 'victory', I've started to see disturbing patterns in the way things happen.... the possible vote fraud during the presidential elections, the seamless transition between big oil and the white house, and worse of all, I am starting to suspect that the Democratic Party has been hacked.... a long time ago... hacked by a cabal that was able to fracture the party sufficiently so as to render it useless when it came to supporting their president (Clinton) and his policies. This designed incompetence continued to fracture the party and produce the most pitiful presidential campain (Bush-Gore) in half a century.
...This charade continues to this day. There's a way on, big business is looting the treasury, and Bush cuts taxes for his wealthy supporters.
...And where are the Democrats??
...Where is America's opposition party??

capn mike

gonzoliberal [4:50 PM]