gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Saturday, March 01, 2003 ]


...quick take on Ariana Huffington's Pigs at the Trough
...I do love reading Ms. Huffington, but in her work I detect more than a little pandering and politicking...
...If she wasn't a millionaire herself, I may think differently,
..but as I often say, this class of wealthy, noisy liberal wannabees just won't quit!
...Why? What does Ms. Huffington need?
..Plenty of money...a happy marriage... nice little car...
...Her speaking (what may or may not be) the truth will always be held suspect simply because of the establishment she (inadvertantly) represents...
..And as such, like in the cases of Al and Tipper Gore, and the Clintons, their voices will always ring with the hollow sound of "I know better than you...I am better than you"

If other, less connected journalists and writers take up the cause of corporate wellfare and the subsequent danger to the economy, then maybe the issue can live.

...If it stays with Ms. Huffington, the issue will die of starvation.

..but maybe that is the point...

gonzoliberal [2:46 PM]