gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Sunday, March 02, 2003 ]


....I am pissed!! I have been discussing rationally the Bush presidency with friends from both sides for awhile now, and I have been forced to come to the conclusion that we are indeed in dangerous times.
...Not unlike the true 60s, anti-war sentiment is seen by the conservatives as TREASON....not free speech.
...Not unlike the true 60s, anti-Bush (anti-establishment) sentement is seen as anti-American at best and part of a global communist conspiracy.
...This right-wing cultural paranoia is tearing my country apart.
...And I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of GW Bush.
...Perhaps unfairly, the Shrub will take the blame 'cause he is the president, the leader of the Republican party, and the figurehead of a global right-wing cabal that WILL succeed in damaging America and American interests for decades to come.

I hereby declare open war.......on the president, on his party, and on all the republican and democrat hacks that have and continue to ruin my country, poison America's relationships around the world, and turn Americans against each other in the worse partisan civil war since Nixon.

The gloves are off......the magazines are loaded and the bayonets fixed............
...we're going in....!
..capn mike
..somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay

gonzoliberal [8:50 AM]