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[ Saturday, March 08, 2003 ]


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...the RIGHT says we 'must cut government' to solve all the worlds ills.
...cutting government is trash-talk rhetoric the right spews it as they grow government to sizes unimagined in Saint Reagan's time.
...No, we must CONTROL government... that is how it is designed. We have this beautifully elaborate election system, a three-headed check and balance structure, and a communications infrastructure envied and copied the world over...
..but our government is run instead by a plutocracy of families and empires that have remained essentially unchange since the 1930s. Energy, transportation, finance and insurance are the lifeblood of civilization... yet all these enterprises are monopolized by a small cabal of individuals generation after generation... these empires have no checks on their growth, no balances on their power. They simply take what they want because they can. When was the last time you had any meaningful input regarding the policy or price of those four areas mentioned above?

...the method by which Americans can gain control of our government is the vote.
...though this system has been criminally corrupted, it remains the one tool left. But Americans must act fast.
...first, by seizing control of the election finances. Why should money buy influence?
The elections should be run giving all candidates equal access to the public.. if that means controling their spending, so be it. It's funny how the controllers hate being controlled.
...second, by seizing control of the election process. Hundreds of conflicting laws, dozens of conflicting methods, the worlds worse voter participation rate,... and this in a country where three out of four people know who Rush Limbaugh is, but can't find Iraq on an unlabeled map...

..America's entire election process is being redesigned by a small group of unelected people... Headed by the corporation that makes the new computerized voting machines and its software, this group plans to automate the entire voting process,... all 50 states, primaries, congrssional, presidential, local.....every election across the country.. they plan to automate this sacred process with THEIR computers running THEIR software with THEIR proprietary, encrypted code. There will be NO WAY to double check these votes. THERE WILL BE NO WAY to tabulated these votes other than on this corporation's proprietary network. These machines ran in selected precincts during the last presidential election... a study of those precincts show a disturbing trend of voting in accordance with the voting and contribution patterns of... the company that makes the machines...

It's OUR country.....OUR government
...we CAN take it back!

gonzoliberal [3:57 PM]