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[ Monday, March 10, 2003 ]


....I got this response to my rant yesterday.
...In it , 'legalos' reacts to my rant, but then brings up some things I think we all can hear and use....
...here is a capture of it...
mike, you accomplished what you wanted to by your rantings.
I have not a clue as to what your insults mean, and I assure you I am not clever enough to be tricky. Dollars to donuts, I am probably the most honest person you will ever talk to. I agree with MOST of what michael savage says, and so do, I might add, a number of people in the homosexual community in the San Fran area. But, you won't hear that from the liberals only crowd who are full of hate.
I got to tell you, I had no intentions of upsetting you with michaels book, thats where I typed it from. Its a really good book, so is Bennets book, and Coulsons book. I can't write well, but I do read. Like I have told others who are on the opposite side of me, who get hammered as parrots because they write something someone else says. Thats really stupid. ALL of us, when we agree with a writer or speaker may quote them, there is nothing wrong with it, on any isle of the political front.
I have made my points very clear for sometime now, and have only recently choose to use michaels words. Its only the second time, I might add. But I will use them again, I will not forget to put his name down again, but more will come.
In the early 90's, maybe before, I am not sure, the P.C stuff started creeping out. It seemed weird, but ok. IMO what happened, because of the lefts p.c. stuff, was a silenced conservative majority. To me, that was crazy, people were actually afraid to speak their own feelings because of fear, real fear MIKE, that they might get bashed. I had a friend who was afraid to swat her son on the bum, trust me the kid needed it. She was afraid to be a real parent, her words now, "Social services or the school officials might take him from me". Now, I knew this had to be a joke, but it wasn't, she was really fearful. So, for all these years the leftists have used, to their advantage, the silencing of the conservative to gain strength, and now that we are speaking up, the left just gets farther left, which is impossible, and can only lead to, ..... well you know. I mean really, how much farther left can we go before the red curtain falls.
Yes, I do agree with michael savage on many issues. But to say he is full of hate, and your flip out tirade, (even if it was about him) wasn't, is a wee bit goofy. I don't mind getting bashed by leftists, I am used to it. I speak up wherever I am, so I better get a thicker skin.
Mike the lines have been drawn, and I doubt very seriouly anyone will change their minds. Debate today is kind of silly, because it doesn't serve a purpose other then to get our political thoughts and agendas out. But such is life in the fight to keep our true American freedom and heritage alive.
Sorry I offended you.


gonzoliberal [7:23 AM]