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[ Sunday, March 02, 2003 ]


Busy day...I love Mondays!...kids go back to school, mom goes back to work, and a self employed boat carpenter gets to regroup. Two weeks at home with snow and sickness.....I need to sand something...
What's hard about discussing or participating in politics is that it is mostly illusion.
..We can never get good info about pols or bureaucrats because everybody lies.
...Everybody lies...
...truth in two words.

..how can we make decisions? (we're not supposed to .....we'resupposed to follow orders and consume)
..how can we know what the issues really are? (we're not supposed to.....we can't handle the truth)
..how can we know what our government does in our name? (wait until someone flys two jetliners into a building, then make something up)

..Today, I let off some steam about Bush aka the Shrub...
..Today, was the day of the lies of the shrub.

..Tomorrow,.......well, tomorrow, he'll say something stupid, and we'll start all over....

gonzoliberal [8:53 PM]