gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Sunday, March 02, 2003 ]



There is a rather far-out-there movement to impeach the Shrub. While I would give all my nickels to see this come to pass, I've been around long enough to know that such a process does not happen in a political environment where the opposition (in this case, the dimocrats) is weak and divided.
I think there is probably significant meddling in the affairs of the DNC by the Bushanistas (ala the Nixon days), but outside assistance is hardly needed.
The Dimocrats have been splintered and at each other's throats since the 1999 primaries. There is no opposition party, just a loose collection of non-republicans stuck in a mid-twentieth century model of patronage-style government.
Until us citizens figure out an end run around these incompetent fools and enable significant campain finance reform, we will be stuck with a puppet government of the Repubnantcants and the shadow non-government of the Dimocrats....

gonzoliberal [4:38 PM]