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[ Thursday, March 06, 2003 ]


Thursday'a mid-day hit....

.first, from my sister-in-law...a reminder........"Here's an simple but helpful way to oppose war with Iraq. The deadline for
this petition to the UN Security Council is tomorrow, Friday, March 7... Today
I read in the paper that several nations are threatening to veto the Bush
Administration's second Security Council resolution supporting a war with
Iraq. Let's show the security council that the world is not divided on this
issue. It is the US government which wants this war. We the people do not."


second, from one of our Vermont connections, ...a family that owns a quarry in Colorado...
"The family quarries in Colorado are run almost
entirely by migrant labor. Now before you brand me a
facist etc, consider that these guys start out at
$9-10/hr and some of them make much more than that.
This is not a sweatshop.

It has, however been an enlightening experience-- a
window into a scary world and an up close look at
instituional poverty, but to speak to your immediate
comments about migrants on the welfare gravy train,
consider that most of these people are getting with
IRS and SSI withholding taken out of their checks--
usually a lot because they can't claim dependents in
Mexico-- or because they don't know to claim them--
but how many of those people are actually likely to
file a 1040 on April 15? Answer-- not many. Most of
them could get hefty refunds if they filed, but they
don't understand or trust the system so they pay thier
taxes and then some and just suck it up. In addition
they get none of the services they are entitled to for
thier money. None of them will ever file for SSI when
they hit 65. Hell, no they will be back in Mexico by
then and if they are lucky they will have enough of a
nest-egg stashed away to live comfortably-- if not
they will live on the charity of thier children who
will, by then be selling their own souls to American

I could go on at length about this, but to be brief,
those who say that migrants are getting a free ride
have it backwards, they are the ones getting a free
ride, because these people are paying more than thier
share, and when they are ready to retire they will do
it on money paid by people who will never collect what
they have paid in.


....Dave wrote this in response to a discussion I forward him regarding immigration...(a fave right wing whore) and how immigrants are draining resources from "real Americans"

...and last for now...
....a link to the BaltSun boards..... don't go there unless you're pretty bored, or have a strong stomach..... the dittoheads reek pretty bad!!

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