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[ Monday, June 30, 2003 ]


..got back into SunSpot today.... 'posted a "hello" that got immediatly deleted.
..so here it is...

...I'M B-A-C-K-!!!

...Didja miss me??

...I didn't have to miss you!! After getting banned for the third time blowing my nose over this "scott" thing for a week, I caught up with some of my other forums, and had a chance to read what ya'll have to say without the luxury of answering back. It changes how you view things, somehow. You would not believe how stupid you honkies sound when I'm not around to hassel you into some semblance of truth and justice. Sarge showing up over the weekend was a real treat, especially when he started flirting with "buffY"... I gotta leave that subject alone for now, but I've been blogging it to death.
...anyway, about how stupid ya'll sound. And MEAN and UGLY!! Snapping back and forth at each other, calling each other names, twisting each other's speeches around ..... but what is most apparent when you just sit back and READ SunSpotForum is how little it seems anyone listens to each other. Its' like ya'll are typing different languages.. but it's not that, of course... some of us don't WANT to change. We LIKE what we are and what we've come to believe. Most of us are willing to stick up for that.... most of us again are willing to stick a neck out every once in awhile to explore the regions just beyond our own opinions. But some of us just want to hurt, wound and bait.
...It's all free speech... and with SunSpot's reasonably open rules, we can look as stupid and shallow as we possibly can.... it's our right... and quite frankly, though the wind blows both ways, I would say that those of you who call yourselves conservatives and openly hate liberals are the dummest looking of all. Reading ya'll hack back and forth at each other (coming to an orgazmic conclusion when Sarge checked in Sunday), it reminds me so much of the stupid little spats that inner city gangs use as excuses to kill each other.
... So if I don't like it, why come back??
...To fight the good fight
...to support those whose lives have not until now permitted them to hear the liberal message clearly and compassionatly.

...and, of course, to hassle you rightards.... and you know who you are.
...if you ain't one, the name don't apply!

...So Long Live the American Liberal!!!

.... Political death and destruction to the neo-con traitors!!!

... Until we are all free, none of us is truly free...

..........................it lasted all of two minutes...........

gonzoliberal [4:03 PM]