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[ Thursday, June 19, 2003 ]


....KidSummer starts tomorrow... If I want to keep my writing shit together (which I do), I'm gonna need some daily discipline. I hope to include notes to ya'll in that routine.

....I gotta say a thing or two about Shrub.
....Now, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, so I'll take a few "family" shortcuts...
....Reagan, the great white hero, was nothing..... "we" all know this
....he was an actor, chosen for that ability....
.....hey! ...did I say chosen?
....yep.... chosen by a hidden cabal of right wingers we all know about but have never been able to nail down...
....and as the chosen spokesmodel for this "cabal", he presided over the greatest shift of wealth/year since the great depression.

....the parallels to Shrub are stunning
....they work however you want to make them
....since the same men are at work behind the scenes now as then, the tactics and results are predictable
....this "cabal" is who we need to identify and attack

....Shrub is too stupid to be president
...."we" know this, yet fail to see our opportunity in this conclusion
...."we" on the "left" keep attacking Shrub and his visible administration
....but it's like attacking straw targets,..... there's nothing there
....Shrub is the figurehead, he himself is the red herring
....while the true work of the cabal goes on behind the carefully controlled media front

....Now, lets combine this with our working knowledge of the democratic party
....First, the DLC needs to be identified loudly as the Republican shills they really are
....the DLC needs to be fully and loudly discredited in the public eye
....the Democratic Party needs to seek support and advice elsewhere, the party needs to be encouraged to participate in this "outting" and distance itself from the DLC and its positions whenever possible.
....Now, in order to keep the public perception from reading this as a disasterous slide to the communistic left, the party (and the voters and agitators,... like us) needs to vigorously redefine the center of the Democratic Platform..... a "new" center, free of the duplicitous machination of the traitorous DLC.
....By aggressively claiming a strong centrist but liberal position, the Dems stand a chance of escaping the clutches of the voter-stealing rhetoric of the DLC and it's apologists...

....The party, in order to own the moral high ground, must temper it's attacks on the
(p)resident and it's family..... the dems must at all times redefine the higher moral ground in the field of public debate.
....that leaves the dirty job of aggressively attacking the (p)resident and it's family and associates to us, the uncommitted activists...
....the dems should in no way make nasty jokes about the president's family
...."we", on the other hand, free of affiliation
.... are free to push the boundaries of taste carefully expanded by the adherents of the present administration.
....in other words, us freelancers gotta pull out all the stops.
....some of us ought to become paparazzi, and focus on individual family members and administration lackeys....
....thousands of pictures should be take of the most mundane activities.
....raucous stories should be fabricated around a tastelessly chosen display of these photos, and distributed around the 'net daily.
...the twins should never want for laughter again...
...Shrub should never open a website or email without getting spammed by hundreds of these photos and stories.
....Pickles must be scrutinized with the same nauseating attention to detail as has Hillary... and the resulting postulates and photos should be daily distributed around the internet...

....Every time Shrub opens his mouth, "we" should have hundreds of pictures documenting the event, with complete transcripts of his every utterance. A summary of the stupidest shit of the day should be sent around the net daily.
....The same goes for every member of the cabinet.

...."we" should be the subject of their daily prayer meetings by Christmastime...
...."they" should dread New Years Eve knowing demonstrations have been planned in the capitals of all 50 states
...."we" (NOT the democrats) should initiate the biggest voter regestration drive in history, reaching out to the millions disenfranchised by the charade we call a two party system..

...."we" must no longer give Shrub the respect afforded any individual man
....because he is not a man
....he is a figurehead
....he is an actor in a surreal reality tv movie
....he is a puppet
....a "non entity"

....we MUST stop acting like he's just another politician
....we MUST use every means possible to expose his inhumanity and hypocrisy

.....I think we've been far, far too easy on the Bush clan
....It's time to stop.

....capn mike

gonzoliberal [8:52 AM]