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[ Tuesday, August 12, 2003 ]


Ah yes...... August. The shrinks (and everybody else) goes on vacation and my brain splits. Part of it stays with summer, and the rest of it somehow prefers to hang out with the "autumn concept".

Of course, the government is on vacation too. The Shrubster and a few thousand of his closest friends and advisers bask in the warm Texas sunshine, free from the smells and sounds of WarshingtonDC.

This (p)resident never has been accessible; this adds nothing.

All presidents do it, but during time of war, these August-long "vacations" seem particularly unseemly.

I predict, if nothing else goes wrong between now and then, the Shrubanistas upon their return will get down to the serious business of fucking up the campains of the Democrats. We may even see the WMDs show up as an approach to the holidays. The back-slapping that would go on around that would surely drown out the woes of those that are still in Iraq crying and dying.
The Dems better be preparing for this. Shrub/Rove/Cheney could take a lot of media attention away from the Dems by pulling the old "WMD card' out of their sleeve at the opportune moment. Definatly before the convention though.

Am I too cynical??? I don't think so. These are strange and dangerous times. The massive re-alignment of wealth, power and resources the republicans have just pulled off in the middle east will have ramifications for years to come. Much of the damage these imperialists are doing right now will never be corrected.

And all this with a stolen election!!

Oh well, the puppy media will continue to give Ahnold and Calleefornia all the attention, with Israel getting second place. American soldiers and sailors can just take a back page.

What would America be like with real investigative journalism??


gonzoliberal [10:49 AM]