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[ Tuesday, August 19, 2003 ]


Internet service went down for three hours this afternoon. I'm not even caught up with my reading yet!

I gotta say something about the madness.

Today, while I've been trying to have a life, the UN building in Baghdad was truck-bombed,
and another bus was "suicide bombed" in Jerusalem.

There is STILL no official word about what caused the blackout last Friday.

I've been reading both conservative and liberal boards a lot lately; I don't like how many are reacting to this. On the one hand, there seems to be an "across the board" denial about the realities of being attacked here in the US. Again.
On the other hand, the airwaves are full of apologists for the power companies, apologists for the Shrubanistas, and gung-ho and pissed off "normal folk" like me.

But none of us know anything.

Our government isn't telling.

Our press isn't telling.

And I'm starting to wish the grown-ups were in control.

peace, like a river...

gonzoliberal [4:15 PM]