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[ Thursday, September 04, 2003 ]


...and this from CBS no less...

CBS News | Washington Wrap | September 4, 2003 13:41:24

MoveOn.Org At It Again: The Texas 11 lost one of its members and may have lost the redistricting battle as a result, but the remaining ten Democratic lawmakers aren't ready to throw in the towel, and neither are their supporters.

Seven of the renegade Texas state senators met separately with presidential contenders Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean in Albuquerque ahead of Thursday's big debate to discuss the national implications of the GOP-backed redistricting plan. The remaining three senators met with organizers of the Democratic Web site MoveOn.org in Washington to discuss how the redistricting plan follows a trend of "Republican-sponsored anti-democratic efforts".

Moveon.org says it has raised over $1 million in one week from over 30,000 donors to aid the Texas legislators. The organization has already started an aggressive ad campaign with a print ad that challenges President Bush. With a picture of his face in the middle of the Texas flag, the top of the ad reads: "Hey, President Bush: Don't mess with Texas. Don't mess with Democracy." The ad appeared in Thursday's New York Times and MoveOn plans to start running the ad in Texas, other swing states and nationally.


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