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[ Friday, September 05, 2003 ]


a Buzzflash editorial

White House Lies and the Public Trust - A BuzzFlash Editorial: "One year from September 11th, the fraudulent administration and party that have lied their way into a catastrophic war on terrorism will come to New York City. Under the direction of their Machiavelli, Karl Rove, they will hijack the solemn World Trade Center 'hallowed ground,' and try to use it as a political tool for a morally bankrupt and pathologically dishonest administration.
The compliant broadcast media will air the false Soviet-style phony heroic images of Bush that Rove feeds to them. It will be something akin to a video version of the kind of glorifying murals and statues you find of 'heroic leaders' in countries like Cuba, the former Soviet Union, or North Korea. Never mind that the images of Bush you will see are just another D.C./Hollywood variation of 'True Lies.' That is what Middle America will see, and many will believe that it is the truth."

gonzoliberal [6:35 AM]