gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Thursday, September 04, 2003 ]


I'm not sure we were supposed to see that.
I'm sitting here watching the NBC nightly news.
They show a clip of the Shrubster explaining something.
It was an impromptu thing... he had on no make-up.
His face is COVERED with (what we used to call) "liver spots".
Shrub is still a drunk.
Shrub is still drinking.
Anyone who was brought up in an alcoholic family knows that sign all too well.
Shrub is drunk.


I mean, I've always suspected it.
Again, I know more than I want to about the subject.
And there have been other "little moments" similar to this.

But there he was, lounging in a windbreaker, talking to the press.
I'll get a better reference back in here if I can find one.

gonzoliberal [6:54 PM]