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[ Monday, September 08, 2003 ]


In light of the last post, what the fuck does this mean??

CNN.com - Taliban fighters regrouping: U.S. - Sep. 8, 2003

I'll tell you what it means.

It means CNN is continuing it's collusion with the Shrubanistas.
It means CNN will once again lump AlQaeda and Taliban in the same story, resulting in the unconscious linking of the two in the overworked brains of the American public.
It means, once again, that CNN is nothing but an organ of the government, together, whose job it is to control the thinking of the American people.
We are not worthy of the truth.
We are not worthy of our constitutional rights.
We must be TOLD BY OUR GOVERNMENT and its corporate shills what to think.

It means, really, that CNN is little different from FAUX.
Same old shit in a different wrapper.

gonzoliberal [8:37 AM]