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[ Monday, September 08, 2003 ]


It's starting to sink in....

...just how deep a bucket-of-shit the Shrubanistas have gotten us into.

And I'm pissed!

Sickening deficits, and that was before the war.
War on Afghanistan without Congressional approval
War on Iraq without Congressional approval
Forceful takeover of Iraqi oil resources
Unsupervised open-ended contracting
Unconstitutional use of executive powers in the creation and promotion of Patriot 1 and 2
Collusion with known terrorists (SaudiArabia)(China)(Russia)
...and couldn't the list go on!

This is big, folks.
WE and our kids and grandkids will be paying for this for decades.
WE and our kids and grandkids will work for decades to undo the damage to the republic and our institutions done by the Cheney-Bush cabal.
WE and our kids and grandkids NOW INHABIT A WORLD where open warfare on all things American is the norm.
WE and our kids and grandkids will be sending soldiers and sailors off to this "war" for generations; the causes and effects of the war are even now being blurred; how will it be for the fifth or sixth generation of troups? Will they know who started it? Will they know WHY they are there bleeding and dying?

Lets work over the next couple of days to take that speech apart phrase by phrase and PROVE through simple research THAT THE (P)RESIDENT'S A LYING SACK OF SHIT!!

Then, let's work to get the details out. We must out-shout the so-called "press". We must become such pains in the asses of WolfBlitzer, SeanHannity, etc etc that they can't ignore us anymore.

We must blow the wrapper off this crap NOW, so that, come election time, SHRUB WILL HAVE NO CHANCE IN HELL OF BEING RE-(S)ELECTED.

I'm so mad I spilled my coffee on the dog!
I'm so mad I've already written to my congressclones and senatrons.
I'm so mad, I will probably get little done today other than bang on this keyboard and scream into my cell phone.

What if America had a free press?

gonzoliberal [8:31 AM]