gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Saturday, September 06, 2003 ]


A lovely, cool, dry Saturday on the Chesapeake Bay. Tis' time for things so terrestrial; we shall partake in the sacriment of "yard work".
So unnecessary when living aboard, it consumes great quantities of the Adm'r'l's time. Now, almost two years after my little accident, returning strength and mobiltiy obligates my participation.
I shall leave the comforts of the keyboard and blinking screens, and go forth into the underbrush that is the back yard. I shall FIND lost implements of destruction and USE them for their intended purposes! Together, the Adm'r'l and I will conquer entropy!
No, no...... set not one link! Write not one letter of complaint! Instead, on with the work gloves and sneakers!
Wish me luck, invisible and probably imaginary friends; I shall return victorious over mother nature!

gonzoliberal [3:30 PM]