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[ Wednesday, September 03, 2003 ]


This is probably going to be the news of the day, barring anything really wretched.

Bush Looks to U.N. to Share Burden on Troops in Iraq

These Shrubanistas have a lotta balls.
'Going begging to the UN for help,
but INSISTING that all that help be under US command.

How Shrub can insist on ANYTHING at the UN is beyond me.
He's kept us behind in dues, fought and dissed the UN at every twist and turn,...
...and NOW the sucker BEGS for help, and thinks he can insist on ANYTHING?

Because of shit going down behind the scenes, the UN will probably even cave in to his demands!

Shit! Some Dem is going to have one hell-of-a-mess to clean up come January '05.

gonzoliberal [7:55 AM]