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[ Thursday, September 11, 2003 ]


Two years ago, (we still lived on the boat) I stood in my kitchen and watched as the second plane hit.

For a jaded old hippie, I was profoundly affected by that attack. It sharpened my interest in events. It made me feel stupid and inadequate.

Today, on the second anniversary of the attacks, I know more than I did then; this knowledge gives me no piece.

I see my country has slipped into that surreal, detached state we use in wartime. I remember it clearly from 'Nam, when, as the seventy's dawned, the war and carnage was on everybody's mind and TV sets, but nobocy talked about it. Much. They talked about the demonstrations, the HellsAngels, the "peace talks". But little about the war, about the killing, the maiming and suffering.

Today, the war is on everybody's mind once again. But there's no news in the news. Oh, we hear about the demonstators and the Democrats, and vague platitudes and threats about a "war on terror" going on somewhere.

But it's not real.

gonzoliberal [1:17 PM]