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[ Sunday, October 05, 2003 ]


How is a blog like a desk?

You can ignore it, but it only becomes less useful.

We survived the storm ok.

Came out smelling like a rose, 'matter of fact.

I've spent less on-line time, and all of that on SunSpot.

So here's the link.

Someone come get me and drag me back here if I get lost again.

Now, the real reason I remembered this thing today is this;
Saturday, another "suicide bomber" blew up a bunch a good folk at an Israeli beach.
Sunday, the Israli's struck a Hamas training camp seriously inside Syria.
Syria had the Security Council convene an emergency meeting.
It went kinda like this;

Syria says, "Wah wah wah! They hit back!"

Israel says, "Yo! Syria! You see that Iraq 'hood? You be next, fool!!"

Israel says to UN, "...and YOU! Smell the coffee or we're outta here!"

It seems that "this could be the start of something big".
And I wanted to get it down. Compulsive and forgetful are strange bedfellows.

gonzoliberal [5:44 PM]