gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Thursday, November 27, 2003 ]


Heck, nothing makes any sense anymore.
The press ain't free, the government ain't cheap,
and the History Channel is running stuff about "Jesus" all day!

It's Thanksgiving, for cryin' out loud!
Football and Jesus.
That's not a choice!

So it's amost noon, and Hillary's been on all the nets meeting, greeting and eating with the troops in Afghanistan. (the journalists WERE allowed to talk to the soldiers).

Not to be outdone, an hour or so later we're treated to the news that the SHRUB himself had been in Baghdad, "pumping up the troups", but was now (that the announcement had been made) already on the way home. Yes, Shrub "spoke to the troups and served side dishes" to approx. 600 members of the first armored division.

I am at peace today, home with my little family.
Happy Thanksgiving, all.

gonzoliberal [1:00 PM]