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[ Saturday, November 29, 2003 ]


I took a job driving for a courier company.
I needed to find a job that I could do with my back being fucked as it is.
I wanted to be home in the afternoon for kid one and kid two.
So I'm trying this. I'll know how the pay works out after I get my first paycheck, this coming Monday. (actually, yesterday, but .....) Only then will I know how the pay works out. I get 50% of the job gross.
I started on the 13th. Last Wednesday (the 26th) was my 10th day of work.
It went kinda like this;

Picked up legal papers a little after nine from a lawyer in Bowie, took them to courthouse in Upper Marlboro, into courthouse and file papers, then take them back to lawyer in Bowie. Picked up more papers from lawyer. Then, to Greenbelt for a payroll pickup. Then to courier office in Lanham to pick up a cooler full of water samples. Off to Annapolis. First stop to drop off water samples at lab on Rt. 2, then over to get rid of payroll on Riva Rd., then to courthouse on Church Circle to file some more papers for the lawyer. It's now 2:00pm. I still need to bring papers from courthouse to lawyer, which I do forty minutes later.
Six hours of mostly driving.
Two hundred ten miles.
Tune in later to find out how much that day netted me.

gonzoliberal [5:20 PM]