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[ Saturday, December 06, 2003 ]


I posted this over on bartcop forum a little while ago, but I wanted to save a copy. Here seems as good a place as any. No one ever reads these stupid little blogs anyway.

Has America "outgrown" the draft?
Sat Dec-06-03 03:40 PM

Ted Rall poses some interesting points in his recent piece "A Cold Draft".


I draw your attention to a paragraph towards the end; "This much is certain: If Bush resumes his neocolonial landgrab after "re"election, he'll have to bring back the draft. And a new generation of young men, ordered to disrupt their lives to feed the vanity and bank accounts of a cabal of gangsters, will ponder whether to flee or fight. "

What will be America's response to a draft?

My generation lived with the draft as a reality. (I drew number 144 when the count was all below 300, spring of '69) Many, many of us, in our own ways, to our own gods, vowed "never again"! Now, my fourteen year old son sits ripening on the vine. How will I manifest "never again"? How will several hundred thousand of my generation revisit their vows?

Has America outgrown the draft?

How bloody does the coming civil revolution have to be?

I postulate that America will NEVER support a draft for this phoney oil war. Should hell freeze over and Shrub get (re)(s)elected, what should the response of "us losers" be? Quiet aquiesence or violent revolution?

What will you do?

Doesn't Rall rock?!

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