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[ Monday, December 29, 2003 ]


Monday morning.
Mom's off to work, a little, um, late.
Dad (me) is home with two vacationing teens all week.
They sleep late and ask little.
Maybe I'll finally finish that damn book I've been working on since summer.
Though more than likely I'll spend too much time on the web reading about the war, or the election, or famine and earthquake or some fool thing.
Ya' know, there's plenty to do around the house.
I haven't baked anything real in awhile.
The back yard's a mess; the basement's worse.
Um, then it's about that tile job in the downstairs bath that you never finished.
KidNumberTwo just got up. Such a healthy piss that kid takes in the morning!
He'll take a half hour or so alone in the kitchen to do his thing and finish waking up.
And if I know what's good for me, I'll stay out of the way.
Then, my best guess is, off to the XBox!
Yeah, I'll probably spend too much time today sitting at the kitchen counter in front of the laptop with the tv mumbling in the background, feeding kids and visitors, holding court and griping about Shrub.
But, only after kidnumbertwo gets done, if I know what's good for me.

gonzoliberal [9:01 AM]