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[ Monday, December 22, 2003 ]


Terror threat raised to "orange".

Saddam captured, but by whom? and when?
(the Kurds, a week prior)

Libya declared "OK" by Shrubanistas; families of Lockerbie victims object.
(Libya seventh or ninth largest oil reserve on globe. Wants Halliburton teams)

9-11 commision announced last week that the attacks were preventable. I've still to see a major with the story.

Saddam's capture made America safer.
Dean was wrong.
America is safer now that Saddam is captured.
But, we're raising the terror alert status to orange,
the president's leaving town,
congress is leaving town,
Michael Jackson is leaving the country.
But we're safer now that Saddam has been captured.

Is something wrong with my medication?
Or has the whole world actually gone mad?

Oh, right.
Yesterday was the solstice, the shortest day.
The day of least sunlight,
of least pituitary stimulation.

It's dark at five. No light until 7:30 the next morning.
The sun barely makes it into the sky, its colors all washed out, glaring and catching your eye all day.

I need a bong.

gonzoliberal [2:57 PM]