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[ Saturday, December 27, 2003 ]


Well, we got through Christmas alive.
Some in the third world aren't so lucky.
Yesterday, Iran (our buddies) experienced a major earthquake that has left at least 25,000 dead.
Yep, that's thousand.
A gas well in China blew, flooding the area with poison gas. A hundred or more killed, with thousands injured.
And of course, the day before Christmas, the earthquake that started it in California.
Oh, and the US now has its first confirmed case of "mad cow disease"; a farm in Washington state has been quarentined, but of course, the meat has been in the food supply for weeks.

It does seem that politics-as-spectator-sport has taken a little break.

Shrub's Friday Surprise for this week was a good one. Using the Congressional recess as cover, he went around Congress on Friday and installed 12 people to government panels after their nominations stalled in the Senate.


By approving them during the congressional recess, Bush bypassed the Senate confirmation process.

Ain't he just grand!
And all while America though he was out looking after earthquake victims or scared beef consumers and investors.
Scurrying around in the dark, subverting the will of the people.
Then, he goes on vacation again.

Yipper, what a leader.

gonzoliberal [3:21 PM]