gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Wednesday, December 24, 2003 ]


Yes, let's obsess about airports and trains and planes and terra.

They've put anti-aircraft batteries up around DC. Where do you think the flaming wreckage is gonna fall?
Who made the decision that thousands of civilian lives can be sacrificed for some DC real estate? Shrub's not even in town, and they're gonna torch half of PG county to "protect" him?

Did any of you sign away your right to life in order to protect the (p)resident? I sure as hell didn't, and I know my kids didn't.

Missle batteries "protecting" Washington, my hairy white asshole! Those missle batteries aren't protecting shit, they're just threatening thousands and thousands of innocent citizens.

And our "press" happily reports the batteries are there, and shows pretty little pictures of the rocket launchers and the soldiers and armed fighter planes and the flag.

gonzoliberal [3:30 PM]