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[ Wednesday, January 07, 2004 ]


Have you noticed the "press" isn't writing much about Clark.
Other than to note his link to the Baltic melt-down and his rise in the all-important polls, there has been little to nothing.

Or Kucinich, or Sharpton, or Gephardt, or even Lieberman.

but they're swamping the airwaves with shit on Dean.
Kerry attacking Dean
Lieberman attacking Dean
Judy Woodruff and most of the SeeAnEnd staff, NYT, WashPo, Fox, etc. all pile on Dean.

Is it any wonder that Clark has been gaining on Dean?

It's almost tacit approval, a wink and a nod to Clark from the RhiteHouse, "you're one of us, buddy!"

Expect the charade to continue.
Card have been thrown on the table, some landing face up.
But the opposition hasn't blinked.

gonzoliberal [9:41 AM]