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[ Friday, January 09, 2004 ]


Drudge headline reads; "Dean campain staffer admits lying"

"On Tuesday, a young man came into our Creston office and said he was a resident of Red Oak, Iowa. He claimed he was in town for business, working at a local farm. He asked numerous questions about what our staff did, the territory they covered, and what type of folks we were calling in Creston. Our staff was immediately suspicious.

The next day, a different young man came into the office and identified himself as Mark Evans. He said that he was the new manager at the local HYVEE, and that he and his wife just moved from Georgia. He started Asking questions about our operation and began snooping around the office. Our staffers were confident they had seen him wearing a Dean sticker around town, so they asked him why he had come into the office. He said that he was an undecided Iowa caucus-goer, and was interested in politics.
"Today, this second man, "Mark Evans," returned to the Creston office and admitted that he and his friend had lied, and that they were employed by your campaign. He identified himself as Mitch Lawson, who moved here from Georgia to work for Dean. According to Mitch, "We came into your office to find out information and get your calling scripts from you."

Next, Reuters piles on with
"The campaigns of two Democratic presidential contenders accused front-runner Howard Dean's camp of political dirty tricks on Thursday, including plans to have out-of-state supporters pose as Iowans and participate in the Jan. 19 caucuses."

Now, this whole affair hinges on the "confessions" of these two "Dean supporters", Mark Evans and his unidentified friend.
Who are these two "mystery men"?
Are they really Dean staffers?
Will anyone bother to check?

Paranoia is when they're NOT out to get you.

gonzoliberal [10:55 AM]