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[ Friday, January 23, 2004 ]


It's Friday, and as predicted, the SCLM is still slamming Dean and building up Clark and Kerry.

I may see another pattern here. It's ugly, but that's what the internet is for, eh? To "let it all hang out" and see the light of day. Bullshit should smell. If it doesn't, maybe it's not bullshit.

I reject the common notion that the RNC wants Dean because he's easy to beat. I think that story is a red herring.
There is no evidence to suggest they want Dean in, and all indication that they want him out.

More broadly, it would be to RNC advantage to have a brokered convention. Why? Because of the chaos. Anyone coming out of such a convention would by definition be controversial and without real broad voter support, only delegate support.

The reason to land hard on Dean was that he was showing the signs of being an actual front-runner. Genuinely moderate and populist, if taken as he is, he would certainly erode some of the RNC's centrist base.

Now, TeamClinton-Clark could be seen to have the same goals.
A brokered convention is the only way Hillary can get in on the action, either as presidential candidate, or VP to Clark.

Likewise, TeamClinton-Clark would want any sign of strength from any candidate minimized; Dean's lead was far too threatening and had to be stopped. In addition, Dean's true centrism is a threat to the DLC crowd who think they own the territory to the right of Kucinich.

Two enemies, the RNC and TeamClinton-Clark, with the same goals; sink Dean, sew chaos, dominate convention.

Gawd, that looks pretty bad. But it's what I see.

Iowa's republican performance of flash-mobbing the caucus was precious.
Kerry and Edwards, thinking they deserve the adulation, each hopelessly plot to take a strong lead.

It won't happen.
It can't happen.
It goes against the plan.
We have two teams sewing chaos now.

Do I here suggest collusion between the RNC and TeamClinton-Clark?
Resoundingly NO. I could be talked into it, but I don't see it.
What I do see are two enemies with the same goal.
Two powerful Washington factions itching to duel it out with each other and willing to sweep anyone aside in order to do so.
And it's not a pretty sight.

So there it is. An observation, really. Putting paranoid thought to print.
And it's a warning, too.
You see, no one ever listens to the hippie.
But he's usually right.

gonzoliberal [1:10 PM]