gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Tuesday, January 27, 2004 ]


It's New Hampshire Tuesday time!
We've heard from the 'Notch, of course. And from another one of those woodlots-turned-township. Defying the rest of the country (as NewHampsters are wont to do), Clark was the clear winner in the cold, wee hours.

It's now almost noon, and if I'm gonna lay in a prediction, I better get to it.

I'll predict Kerry first, Dean second, Clark third and Edwards a close forth. I doubt that the rest of the state, which is made up mostly of ex-patriot Massholes, Connecticutites and New Yawkahs will follow that funky lead.

My second guess would be to switch Clark and Dean, but I think Kerry's reputation as a next-door liberal will pull him through.

It's the second day of a "winter weather event", and mom and the kids are home all day as well. It's kinda fun.

gonzoliberal [11:12 AM]