gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Saturday, January 10, 2004 ]


Slacktivist, through Atrios, makes this stunning point;
Most Americans have more debt on their credit cards than money in their mutual funds.
Continuing with the point that tax cuts and tax incentives don't mean shit for those of us without the extra cash to use them.
You know, Bush has given two tax cuts, invaded and occupied the middle east, and is now making plans to colonize the moon.
Doesn't this guy do anything other than spend, spend, spend?
Isn't it just like a rich kid to ignore the "income" side of the equation?
"Oh, "income" is what daddy takes care of"
But it's not that benign, is it?
No, for these rethuglicans intend to bankrupt the fed.

gonzoliberal [5:30 AM]