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[ Tuesday, January 20, 2004 ]


So, Iowa went big for Kerry and Edwards, Dean a lowly third.
And the charachter assassination of Dean continues.

Do you think that we'll now start seeing stories about Kerry's famous anger and temper tantrums? How about that weird family of his? (insert sarcasm smiley here) How about this and how about that?

I predict the media will kiss Kerry's and Clark's behinds going into New Hampshire, while they keep beating the "dead-horse-Dean".

I predict the "fair and balanced" media will forget all about Edwards and turn it into a Kerry vs Clark contest in New Hampshire.

Clark will come from behind.
Because he has the Clintons on his side.
WHY he has them on his side will remain a mystery.
My (well known) theory is that Clark has been and will remain a "spoiler", assuring a deciding vote at the convention.
Hillary steps in and "saves the day" to "unify the party", blah blah blah,
Clark and Kerry roll over and endorse Hillary.

Now, Plan B would be for the Clintons to support Clark into the White House, stay behind the scenes of a Clark presidency and expand the plutocratic wing of the Democratic party.

Two pieces caught my eye this morning. The first from Newsmax (yeah, I know)

and the second, the NYT piece mentioned;

I want you to watch this Chris LeHane fellow. He's the "KarlRove" of the Clark/Clinton ticket.

Did I just say that?


Clark/Hillary ticket brokered at the convetion.

The "smart" Hillary bomb.

You heard it first from capnmike, the gonzoliberal.

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