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[ Wednesday, January 07, 2004 ]


to continue;

I think Clark is Rove's man.

The whore-media has kissed Clark's ass, and raped Dean.
They're doing it right now.

And lo and behold!
The polls this morning show Clark gaining on Dean.

Aren't any of your alarm bells going off?

Doesn't this smell like a sucker punch to you?

It does to me.

Clarks teflon relationship with the press in light of their hatred of all things Dean COINCINDING with Bush's gain in one poll and Clarks in another brings to mind ol' Bart's rule on coincidences.

Rove wants Clark to win because he knows he can beat him.
Rove wants Clark to win because Clark is a placeholder for the Hillary bomb, and Rove knows he can beat her.
Rove doesn't want DEAN to win because Dean and his populist uprising (combined with all the other come-alongs) is the first real threat to Rove's and Cheney's (oh, and Shrub's) power.
Rove can't win against Dean et al
must sink Dean at all costs.

And if it means slipping a little help to the (weak) opposition in a double cross, well that's just how democracy works.

gonzoliberal [9:53 AM]