gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Thursday, February 05, 2004 ]


Bring 'em on!!
our leader said.
Now fivehundred thirty are dead
and countless others burnt and maimed,
Thousands of arabs never named.
Meanwhile, the ones with anthrax spores so small
and others that bring down buildings tall
go far and free, the world their toy.
They've nothing to fear from the bad Bush boy.
He's "fightin' terrah" over there,
He'll stay out of the real enemie's hair.
While Shrub fights Iraqis over oil
Al Quada moves freely on American soil.
So "bring 'em on" chants the man-boy king,
While America waits for Al Quada's sting.

(inhales d-e-e-p-l-y-!)
(holding, holding...............)

gonzoliberal [12:13 PM]