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[ Thursday, February 12, 2004 ]


"Hey Moe!"
"Where's Osama?"
"With yo' mama!"

Hey Mushi, baby.
Where's Osama?
With yo' mama!
Hey, punk, I've got a Marine division with your name on it.
Yeah, well I've got two dozen nukes with your Marine division's name on them

A Tale of Nuclear Proliferation: How Pakistani Built His Network

The Khan Artist

In a tale worthy of Faust, (P)resident Bush has joined hands with Pakistan dictator Musharif in a deadly game of nuclear chicken.

Musharif, in all likelyhood, has Osama. In prison, on the payroll, in some warlord's hands,or in the next office.

Bush, of course, wants him. But not now. Later, a little closer to the election.

Musharif first led a successful military coup against the democratically elected government of Pakistan. He then solidified his control over the country's security apparatus and ruled all political dissent criminal. He then brought together Pakistan's nuclear and chemical scientists with the warlords and smugglers of the worlds blackest of black markets, of weapons and nukes. For years, "made in Pakistan" weapons have littlered the countryside from the Mediteranian to the Persian Gulf. Much of weaponry found to date in Iraq originated in Pakistan.

The hot trail of "Sadam's nukes and chemicals" leads to Pakistan.

Bush is watching, grinning like an idiot, while Pakistan solidifies it's control over the weapons black market, covers the tracks from Iraq, and pardons the boss man of the operation.
Afraid that if he says anything against Musharif, Musharif won't give him Osama this summer.

A dictator, a terrorist and a (p)resident.
Three stooges.
Who moves next?

gonzoliberal [8:27 AM]