gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Tuesday, February 17, 2004 ]



Nope, don't sleep at night.
That's when they come to get cha, ya know.
Uh-huh, they come at night
like the theives in the night they are.
But I'm too smart for 'em, uh huh.
I stay up all night, every night, locked and loaded, ready for the barstards to bust in, then BLAM!
Right between the tentacles.

Nope, never sleep at night.
That's when the DREAMS come.
That's when time runs backwards and your voice goes silent and your limbs turn to lead
And the fire, the fire goes all around
Burning, smoking, crackling, screaming.
That's when the dreams come,
Nope, never sleep at night.

Those boy's will come home from the war some day, some of them.
They'll come home after their Eye-rack war, their eyes all hollow and set back, their voices full yet cracked, their ears still ringing from the gunfire and hearing the past.
They'll know. You don't sleep at night.
Nope, never sleep at night.

gonzoliberal [4:16 PM]