gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Monday, February 09, 2004 ]


It's starting to look like Kerry's gonna be it.
The great white hope.
Yale grad, VN vet, senator, millionaire,...
I don't think this is the "big difference" many of us were looking for.
Of course, that's why he'll be the nominee.
He's royalty; America trusts royalty
Rich preppies and legacies, that's who we want presiding over our country.

How will the Deanies take to supporting Kerry?
Or will the activist end of the Democratic party be left flapping in the wind like with Clinton?

What will be the difference under a Democratic Kerry admin?
Will access be as easy for the wealthy?
Will big business find a knowing smile and ready hand?
Will Kerry signal "more of the same old same old" machine Democratic crap?

It's Monday. I'm usually full of questions on Monday mornings.

gonzoliberal [9:24 AM]