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[ Friday, March 19, 2004 ]


Yes, apparently I can work, or blog. Not both.
Let see, since last we met, I've actually accomplished about a grand or so worth of work, which represents a 100% improvement in cash flow over the month before. We'll go with that.
MDHIC license app. being notarized and mailed tomorrow. Now I have TWO $2million liability policies on my ass, one for the boat biz and one for little ol' me. Once that MDHIC license comes through, and Ms. W starts sending us work, cash flow should improve considerably.
As long as my back holds out.

Our collective consciousness seems to have pretty much forgotten about the war. The press keeps it on page two most of the time, or at least below the fold. With the campaign in temporary inhale mode and spring starting tomorrow, it may just be a calm weekend. Of course, the admin likes to pull stuff on Friday afternoons, and it's early.

I got kicked off BaltSun forum again. I used the word "fag". Bango. Out I go. Two months.
Maybe I'll do more here. Except nobody talks back. Atrios at least will have me.

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