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[ Thursday, April 08, 2004 ]


Condi speaks.
"radical freedom-hating terrorists"
"sustained systematic campaign"
"terrorists at war with us before we were at war with them"
Likening US response to terror to US response to Luscitania sinking or Japanise attack on China.
BushCo "continued" Clinton admin's focus on AlQaeda.
BushCo ramped up from Clinton, in a whole lot of detailed little ways.
During summer of 2001...
BushCo "tried" to get Pakistan to help.
BushCo also had Afghanistan to deal with.
BushCo also bribed the usual "allies" in the region to "provide inteligence and logistics".
BushCo formed a special counter terrorism group to deal with the "heightened threat activity" by "co-ordinating action and response".
Bush ASKED his people if AlQaeda was ready or able to attack US homeland.
Condi WAS concerned and talked to people.
Defence Dept, FBI, State Dept, CIA, FAA, etc warned their people about "increased terrorist activity".

"So the attacks came."

"Now we have an opportunity and obligation to move forward together."
Bush has led country perfectly, has done all this cool stuff, has "given officials new tools", knows "more structural reform will still be necessary".
"We are at war. And our security as a nation depends on us winning that war."
"...we cannot wait while dangers gather."
"...fight a broad war against a global menace".
BushCo is winning the war on terrorism.
BushCo is spreading freedom and democracy in place of terror and tyranny.

end of opening statements..

Whew. It's gonna be a long morning.
Bong time.

gonzoliberal [9:30 AM]