gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Thursday, April 01, 2004 ]


Four "contractors" killed and mutilated in the streets.
There are no Marine brothers pledged to "leave none behind".
These four souls were, in the jargon, mercenaries.
They had no "back-up".
There was no heavily armed platoon ready to rescue them.
Now, their four corpses are unaccounted for, street trash.
This is what your war has wrought.
This is what "privatization" and "outsourcing" brings when met with the hard realities of petrothuggery.
Who were those four men?
Who mourns for them?
Where will their memorial stand?
And on what principles?
"Here lie dead men, who gave their lives in pursuit of raw profit"
But again, reality deals a trick hand,
for the architects of this oil war, the managers that hired those mercenaries, still live.
The lives of the "mercs" are but another entry in the expense log.
The bosses live and profit, while the soldiers bleed and die.
Who were those four men?
Who wrote their paychecks?
Who owns their contract?
Who cares?

gonzoliberal [8:24 AM]