gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Tuesday, April 13, 2004 ]


So the 9-11 Commission hearings continue.
Once again, the country divides itself into thirds;
One third believes everything the Bush administration says, just like they believe their bible; literally and word for word.
The second third believes NOTHING the Bush administration says, and can cite ample evidence to support this vision of the universal liars.
The last third is undecided.
So, tactically, all the rhetoric should be aimed at this undecided voting block.
Instead, there still seems to be a rather concerted effort to stake out opposing positions in wrote. It almost seems at times to be a war between faiths; you either "believe" or you're an "unbeliever", assumed to be without a seat at the table.
The voters can choose; salvation or damnation.
Not too surprisingly, many voters are rejecting this perspective.

gonzoliberal [5:40 PM]