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[ Thursday, April 29, 2004 ]


Whoa! It HAS been awhile.

Todays Howler is priceless!

Moved, I had to write him. I got a little carried away.

I read you every day; learned of you from Atrios, learned of him from Bartcop... I don't remember where I found bartcop.
Most of your pieces are fucking great! Perhaps preaching to the converted, but suffice to say I usually read along going, "Yeah!", "Exactly!", "Damn right!" and so forth.
I am not a journalist. I'm a fifty three year old carpenter. Politics is my hobby. I spend no less than three hours daily reading (and a teeny amt of writing) about our world; most of what I read is from the internet.
But today, April 29, you hit the bullseye, you made me exclaim out loud.
Your characterisation of the "media" as "overfed trivia junkies is perfect, and needs to be more widely disseminated.
It's fun to poke at the millionaire pundit club. It's so easy. But you take it further and show how these idiots have in fact been a danger to the republic.
They joke with our lives, as you put it, while ignoring the crimes of the administration.
But you stop there.
You give no suggestion of motive, of WHY the media would act so stupidly.
Suggesting the trappings of class distinction makes it all seem so innocent, so unintentionally consequential; they're preppies, and preppies act stupid, so there!
This media of whom we speak. Who are their "bosses"? Who writes their paychecks?
THIS is where lie "intent".
We poke at Chris Mathews and Carlson et al, but who hires them? And who manages them?
Where I'm going with this is a little sinister.
The "media" we all love to hate is a front.
Behind them are nameless, faceless "bosses".
These "bosses" have one thing in common; they are all directly financially connected to the Bush administration, either directly through their respective financial portfolios, or indirectly through the campaign financing system.
These "bosses" determine who to hire and what they'll say.
End of story.
We found where the media buck stops.
Now, it isn't much of a stretch to think that a corporate media executive type, appropriately connected to the Bush administration, would "create" news and opinion favorable to the Bush administration.
'Matter of fact, when you look at it that way, no other outcome is possible.
The media acts stupidly corrupt because it is.
It's all an act; a daily series of "reality theater" productions where the world is painted precisely how the Bush administration and "corporate america" wants it to be.
It's not a "real" media at all.
And today, you ALMOST hit it.

Whoa! I didn't know I was gonna get that wound up. Thanx for listening, and stay healthy and happy and keep writing.


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