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[ Sunday, May 16, 2004 ]


An editorial by John McCain and Joe Lieberman;

quick quote;
"The photos and reports of abuse at Abu Ghraib have understandably commanded America's attention. The soldiers who committed these atrocities have marred the reputation of our country and have made the lives of American personnel in Iraq more dangerous and difficult. Their crimes have led some observers to question our presence in Iraq and the justness of our cause.

Yet we will have exponentially magnified the mistakes made in Abu Ghraib if we allow these abuses to destroy our goal of a free and democratic Iraq. Success in Iraq remains possible, and it is more necessary now than ever. While the path to success must involve a number of steps, a few are absolutely critical. We have a security problem and a political problem, and we need solutions for both.

On the security side, we must begin with an immediate and significant increase in our troop levels. We should sharply increase the number of troops, including Marines and Special Operations forces, to conduct offensive operations, and add other types of forces, including linguists, intelligence officers and civil affairs officers. Relying solely on reservists, guardsmen, extended rotations and troops in the country to fill the security gap will not be sufficient. The Pentagon should strongly consider redeploying large numbers of troops from our bases in the United States, Europe, Japan and elsewhere. They are needed in the short to medium terms to stabilize key areas, turn the tide against the insurgents and return a sense of tangible authority to the country."
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Have the neo-cons infected another group?
Have they given up on team Bush/Cheney and chosen new allies in the fight for global domination?
A new battle is brewing in the Democratic party. And it's already easy to see who's being bribed.

gonzoliberal [7:08 AM]