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[ Tuesday, May 25, 2004 ]


Posting from daughter's computer on Tuesday.
Last Friday morning, the first cup of morning coffee, the dog, the cat and the laptop all had an "incident".
I am mucho bummed.
I sent it into Circuit City repair; time will tell.
Meanwhile, I'm in total internet withdrawel.
How do people get their news without the internet anyway. The t.v. is useless, even with cable. And how many newspapers can I actually lug around and paw through?
Worse, (??), work has taken off, and I have even less time.
No, work isn't worse.
Being computer-less is worse.

Meanwhile, the Navy Academy readies the class of '04, high school seniors everywhere are manic beyond belief, and the rest of the state gets ready for summer. Our little peninsula is a CFZ, or cicada free zone, so it's all quiet. Well, except for the F-16s screaming overhead. The famed Blue Angels do their thing for Annapolis at Academy graduation week every year. There they go again. Watch out for the friggin' turkey vultures, guys!

Daughter's computer desk is wrong size for big guy like me. 'Gotta go before something weird happens.
So much to do, so little awareness.

gonzoliberal [1:08 PM]