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[ Tuesday, May 11, 2004 ]


Though my mom would roll over in her grave to hear me say so, the news of the last few days has rendered me speechless.
The governments bald-faced lying about the prisoner abuse thing would be bad enough.
Now this.
A "contractor" beheaded.
On tape.
Other than obscenities, I really, really don't know what to say.
I just watched Sheppard Smith of Fox News relate scene by scene what he saw in the Fox newsroom as they watched the video of the decapitation. Sheppard had turned grey, his usually animated face had turned to stone and his voice had gone into a monotone. Say what we will about Fox news at its people, but that man was severly affected by what he saw. That was no act. Sheppard had just witnessed a gruesome execution of an American, and it was only his training that kept him going.
I don't know what the other nets are going to make of this. It's only a matter of time before the video makes it to general viewing on the 'net. My guess is that it will encourage the warmongers and at the same time give ammo to us anti-Bush types.
What middle America does with this is anybody's guess.
But this event will change America, more than the prisoner abuse event. Together, this week, they have changed the war. It'll be different from here on end.
I hope we out here can make it different too. Not only must Kerry win in the fall and Bush go, the entire Bushministration must be brought before an international body on war crimes. Congress should indict the whole lot of them for breaking a ton of our own laws, then lying to cover it all up.
I'll go ahead and say it. I've no job or tax breaks to endanger.
BUSH IS AS MUCH RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT BEHEADING AS IS THE MAN THAT WIELDED THE KNIFE. If it wasn't for that retarded asshole excuse for a president, thousands would still live, thousands more would be free of their injuries. I am embarrassed, ashamed and enraged at my president. If there is a god, may she forgive us for allowing this regime control over our beautiful country.
Shit, I guess I'm not speechless after all. I was just a little stuck.
All my representatives, sentators, congressmen and women, editors and blogbuds are going to hear from me on this one.
Those winger bastards wanna link the 9-11 attacks to Iraq, eh? Well they can stuff this one; the beheading is the direct result of the prisoner abuse scandel. No one has to make that up. The criminals said so right on the tape!
And that prisoner abuse, my patient friends, is the direct result of allowing Bush, Cheney and the lot of them to start and run a war in our name.
I'm incoherent. I've started to babble. So be it. I'm mad. And I'm not alone.

gonzoliberal [4:00 PM]