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[ Friday, June 11, 2004 ]


The beatification of Saint Reagan continues.
I remember the gipper allright. Remember the "S&L failure"? That happened on St. Ron's watch, much of it traced back to the GOP inner circle that created and controlled "president Reagan" in the first place. The entire states of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine got "re-valued" as a result. "De-valued" is what happened, with many mortgages doubling overnight.
I remember the gipper, allright; Iran/contra, laughing at AIDS, raising taxes, high unemployment. The worst was at the beginning. The "secret" deal made between the Republican party and the Iranian mullahs should have been seen as nothing short of treason. Instead, a heroic action by a "good man".
The gipper was the first in a series of PUPPETS the RNC has run. Puppet-POTUStry was learned by mistake with Gerald Ford after the Nixon debacle. The RNC got a taste of total power, and never looked back.
Regan was a puppet, just like Georgie 1 and 2 are puppets. And it gags me to hear how "so much of America" loved Reagan and agreed with "his heart" if not his mind and policies.
Puppets, people! That Reagan was an actor by trade when chosen as figurehead flew over the heads of middle America. An actor is, by definition, a liar. And thus America "chose" its thirty year destiny.
The current Bush is different only in his level of competence. Not since Reagan's onset of dementia have we heard such nonsensical ramblings from the Oval Office. America has fallen for the "theater-of-the-absurd" that is the Bush administration. And it has happened not in small part to the co-option of the American media as republican propaganda organs.
Oh, it's good to be back. The worse part of having my 'puter in the shop for the last two and a half weeks has been my reliance on tv, radio and a few printed papers for the news. Try it sometimes. After news-surfing the internet, suck-ass mainstream media news becomes nothing short of maddening. The lines in the sand have been drawn. The media will NOT look out for progressive values or candidates in the upcoming election. The mainstream media will NOT even attempt to feign fairness or balance. The mainstream media lapdogs WILL fawn over anything republican, and shit on anything democratic.
So, with the Reagan suck-fest happening on cable, and my 'puter finally back home, a day hangin' with my son (home from school for the day) sounds much better than working. He's sitting on the other side of the room, buried in one of his beloved video games. We have to take a break for some Hamlet later, but maybe some coffee and the NYT first....

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