gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Saturday, June 05, 2004 ]


Laptop will be ready Tues or Wed. New keyboard.
I will never, ever, ever put a cuppa anywhere near the friggin' thing ever again.
I'm building a special coffee cup shelf off the side of my little desk, down low to the right, where no spills will ever hit the top.
Ah, such attachments to material things we have.

On another note, NormaLee is still holding to her idea that, as dangerous as Bush has proven to be, he and Kerry are "Skull and Bonesmen", and thus suspect of being beholden to secret interests.
I maintain that that's little different than any other Washington power profile, but concede suspicion.
Kerry wants to ramp up in Iraq, paying no heed to the "cut and run" crew of the Democrats/Independents.

But still, as far as we've come, no one talks about the OIL.
(in any real terms, anyway)
Has Kerry already been, um, purchased by the oilmen? What will be a wealthy Democrat's relationship with "big oil"?

Oh, if we only had a free press.

gonzoliberal [4:38 PM]