gonzo liberal's Left Hook

[ Thursday, August 19, 2004 ]


The very idea that this war might be mostly about stealing Iraqi oil is abhorent to most people. We can't imagine that anyone could be so cruel as to condemn thousands to death for profit. Even more, we can't imagine anyone being so cruel as to condemn those same people for some grandiose ideas of power and "world domination".
As was said in the 9-11 hearings, what we have here is a failure of the imagination.
Evil people perform evil deeds in plain sight, because the sense of disbelief causes us to freeze, to go into denial that "this can't possibly be happening".
But it is happening. For reasons still unclear, Bush and the petro and financial cabal that controls him have successfully used American armed forces to seize and occupy a soveriegn nation and steal their oil. That's happening right now. The so-called "neo-cons" and "oilers" have won their war already; they have the spoils. And they have left the USA the task of cleaning up the mess.And they did it in plain sight, right under our noses, in the name of "security" from WMDs that didn't exist, no wait, it's about democracy for Iraq, no wait, it's about...And we Americans still can't believe anyone could POSSIBLY be that evil. We simply can't IMAGINE it. So, since we can't imagine it, it simply can't be happening, right?Who could have imagined a bunch of Saudi dissidents could successfully highjack four airliners full of people and crash them into occupied buildings?

gonzoliberal [1:28 PM]